What is syncSQL ?

syncSQL is a perl server-side CVS script, that sends commit information to a mySQL database, so commits can be viewed, tracked and filtered throught a simple web page or any mySQL client.

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Welcome to syncSQL home

This project was initially started because we needed a cool CVS commits web interface for the jayacard project. SyncMail is a fine tool for tracking cvs commits but reading 50 text-based e-mails an hour has soon become a pain in the ass...

So we thought developing our own CVS commits tracker would be much more efficient to allow each developer in the project to easily view CVS commits on a fancy web page.

We know that Mozzila's Bonzai can do the job, but a brief look at the tons of pm, pl and cgi scripts made us walk away in our own direction.
The aim of the project is to deliver a reliable, light, fast and efficient perl script that does the job as well as Bonzai does.
And more, the script will be _easy_ to install and maintain, with a special script to rebuild your database form scratch (as Bonzai does, btw).

Enjoy !
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